Outgoing payment list


The outgoing payment list gives you an overview of all matched payments.

Open the menu BUSINESS the selection menu Accounts payable and select the entry Outgoing payment list.

The following print menu opens.

Print settings

Make the following settings:

To press

By clicking switch to the printouts Accounts payable sheet, Accounts payable open list, Incoming invoice list, check, Transfers and Payment list.


Each printout can be checked again before printing. The display of a preview is preset by the program. If you do not want to see a preview, deactivate it The option.


For each form you can use the designer to create different Print variants shape. When opening the print menu for the first time, the variant that you used for Form Outgoing payment list have set. By clicking select the variant that you want to use for the printout.

Contact Person

The full name of the employee who is the contact person for all queries should be entered here. The program enters the name of the logged in user who is in the Address manager was stored in the user data.


By clicking choose whether to print or save the list as a Fax or E-mail want to send.


By clicking choose the printer you want to use for printing. Only printers that are installed under Windows are available for selection. The default setting is the printer that you selected for the selected Pressure variant have deposited.

Paper feed

If your printer offers several paper trays, select by clicking on the slot from which the paper is used for printing. By default, the shaft selection that you have selected is set Pressure variant have deposited.

print from / to page

The pages to be printed out can be specified here.


If you need several copies of the printout, enter the required number here.

Settings tab

Activate the respective option by ticking the box .

Outgoing payments from ... to ...

Enter the period for which you want to print the outgoing payment list. By clicking open a calendar in which you select the date by clicking on it.

Min and

Specify the criteria according to which the outgoing payments are sorted on the printout.

All accounts, all lines of business

All accounts and business areas are taken into account. If you want to limit the selection, open the corresponding tab and mark with which accounts and business units you want to consider.

After you have entered all the necessary information for your printout, click on in the menu or alternatively use the key combination Ctrl + P.

Example expression:

Further steps