Quickstart draft planning

The Draft Planning Quickstart gives you an overview of the most important functions for creating a CAD plan. The aim is to create a draft for a fictitious private garden and then to print it.

The quickstart films were based on DATAflor GREENXPERT created. However, the Quickstart can also be used with the others DATAflor Run CAD products.

However, due to the product-specific interfaces, it is possible that commands in the menu are sorted differently. If a command cannot be found in the specified menu, please use the search in the Menu browser. As soon as you enter the command in the search field, the command is displayed in the list with its position in the menu and can also be called up directly here. You can find information on this in the film The user interface.

The user interface

Learn the user interface of the DATAflor Be familiar with CAD and important program components such as the menu browser, the ribbon and the design aids.

Operation and navigation

See how to move the mouse around the interface, how to select objects for editing and how to organize your objects.

Create planning basis

As a basis for creating the fictitious private garden, you use a scanned preliminary design, which you insert into a drawing and draw using the dimensions shown.

Draw garden planning

Now start with the design. Using various tools, draw the desired edges for the paving and planting areas, which will then serve as the basis for the garden design.

Design garden planning

In this step we will show you how to effectively design the plan with colors and structures and with decorative plant symbols and equipment elements from the library.

Print out the plan

Now the design is complete. The next step is to label and print the draft for a convincing presentation to your client.

determine quantities

In this film we show you how you can quickly generate quantities and costs for your planning.