Provide data


After the app has been assigned to an employee and with DATAflor Business connected, you can use the DATAflor TIME App on your mobile device to start the acquisition directly. It makes working even easier if you keep the amount of data and selection lists on the mobile devices as small as possible. Provide individual data for each end device. With just a few finger movements, your employees can select the construction sites, positions, materials, etc. that are required for the current data acquisition.

BUSINESS App manager

Im App manager stands for each im Cloud manager assigned mobile device available to a team.
For these teams, you will now add all the data that is required for the work on the construction site.
Equip your teams Mitarbeitern, devices, Materials and plants and assign them one or more construction sites to. You can find the detailed procedure in the app manager here described.

Data TIME transfer

The data transfer from the app manager takes place automatically. The mobility service checks in a 2-minute interval whether changes have been made and sends this data to the mobile devices.

It is also possible in the TIME App data manually from the database of DATAflor Business when, for example, a construction site that has not yet been planned in the app manager is to be approached.

Further steps