Within the DATAflor You have the CONNECT app via the button your LV from your BUSINESS Database always in read access.

The functionalities are very similar to those of the addresses.
The list of courses contains all the basic data on the courses available on the app. You control how many LVs are saved on the app in the Settings in the area of ​​current Database.


You can search the list of courses by typing in a search term. The course number and designation, the project number and designation as well as the client's name and location are searched.
By tapping the map symbol open the integrated map and see all courses in the map display. All courses in your list are displayed (all courses or the search result). The place of execution stored in the LV is taken into account.
You can select individual courses by zooming in and tapping on to open.

By tapping the course name you start the navigation software of your mobile device.


By tapping the star set the favorite status for a course. LVs with favorite status are available on the separate page for quick access in the app Favorites listed.


Look at the positions for the course or switch to the corresponding addresses. Upon selection Associated positions the list of the positions of the course opens. Swipe down to load the current position list from your BUSINESS Database. Details, maps and documents as well as the calculation are available for the individual items.

If the construction file is licensed in your main system, you have the option here to record videos , Photos , Voice memos as well as the activities appointment , Note or call To be recorded in relation to the course.


View the location of the course in the integrated map and use the map functions of the app. You can also use the Area search use.


If the building file is licensed in your main system, you can access the building file documents for the selected LV here. By tapping the document name, the detailed information about the document opens and you can tap on again View download the document to your device and read it.

Further steps