Record delivery note


Capture with DATAflor TIME Your delivery notes conveniently on the go.


With New delivery note the dialog for entering the delivery note opens.

Choose your supplier. Should the supplier under My may be missing under All also straight out DATAflor BUSINESS be charged.

Then select the delivery note number and the associated construction site. You can also capture images of the delivery note. If the module DATAflor If the building file is available, these images can be saved later in the DATAflor BUSINESS in just one place.

About add article the relevant articles / materials are recorded for the delivery note.

Pre-calculated articles in the course in DATAflor BUSINESS will be under To the LV displayed. Under Additional you can find articles about the App manager have been provided. There is always one here Free input is possible.

Enter the quantity and the unit and close the dialog at the top right with Ready. The recorded articles can be found under the tab Articles be reworked.

Please note:

  • If the data that you have provided with the app manager is not sufficient for the entry (e.g. construction site or supplier missing), you can make a free entry. When importing a booking in DATAflor BUSINESS these data records are displayed in red and can be edited in the office.
  • The delivery note number does not have to be assigned.
  • In the settings, you can specify whether the construction site should be preallocated from the last booking.

Further steps