DATAflor App CONNECT you have all your address data mobile with read access. Your address details are kept in a list or can be accessed via the Card functionality clearly displayed on a map.


In an address you have the option of adding the Details view the location of the address on the Map to see and if the DATAflor Construction file is available, including the saved Documents to look at the respective address.

You can access these functions by tapping the tabs or by swiping right and left.

As in the BUSINESS also, Activities like appointments , Notes and calls invest.

You also have the option, provided that the DATAflor Construction file is available, videos, Photos and voice memos to save address.

You can also have one for each activity resubmission invest.

The ones belonging to the address Contacts and related entries can be just like the associated courses and the professional and personal details Show.


To define favorites, simply touch the star on the right-hand side next to the relevant address. This will then be listed under the favorites.

Map / surroundings

About the card functionality you can display addresses in your area.

The clustered addresses are further differentiated by zooming.

The addresses can also be called up using the map function. To do this, tap on the small information symbol in the address label.

Edit details of the address or mark it as a favorite.

The card functionality is also available within an address. So you can display the location of this one address.

Area search

The proximity search enables you to find your location or a location of your choice LV's or addresses in a certain distance.

On the Map tab you will find the function at the top right Area search.

Depending on the selected location, you have the option of changing the distance using the controller. With tap on the symbol for download the corresponding courses or addresses from this selected area of BUSINESS loaded. By tapping on cluster of data and the information symbol open the list of downloaded records. The other functions have the same priority as the LV Descriptions.


If the DATAflor If the building file is available, you can see the address belonging to the address Documents look at. Tap on Viewto open the document.

Further steps