Use the setting options to customize DATAflor TIME to your individual way of working.


General setting options for the app

  • TIME reconnect starts the initial setup again and enables the connection to be switched to other servers or another BUSINESS User to choose.
  • TIME delete data removes all local data on the device, but the login remains.
  • Under Database After successful registration, you can switch between different clients or switch to the sample data.


  • Select Flat rate for employees if you want to record your employees as a lump sum (for x hours) per day.
  • Select Devices flat rate off if you want to record your devices as a lump sum (for x hours) per day.
  • Record on positions determines whether you want to assign your hours directly to a position.
  • Activity from wage type Defines whether you want to generate an activity from the selected wage type so that it can be shown on the daily report if necessary.
  • Classic date picker toggles between selecting the date from a calendar and the classic entry.
  • Default times determines whether the app should remember the data of the last time booking.
  • Pre-allocation of delivery notes → Note the data of the last delivery note booking
  • Pre-assignment reports → Note the data from the last report
  • With Query radius specify in which radius the radius search below All asks for data when searching for a construction site.
  • (IOS only) Interval employee → Booking interval for employee times
  • (IOS only) Interval devices → Booking interval for device times


Setting option for how data should be displayed in the Times tab

  • Active resources above → Active bookings are shown at the top of the list
  • Under Min and Define whether the resources are to be displayed separately or mixed (alphabetically) by employee and device.

Delivery notes

Setting option for the presentation of the delivery notes

  • Under grouping determine whether the delivery notes should be sorted by construction site or by supplier.


Setting option for how long data should remain on the device

  • Display history Defines how long the period for the history should be in the overview.
  • With Automatically clean up the app removes old, no longer in use data from the device at regular intervals, thus saving storage space.
  • About Data output display determine how long your data should be available for checking in the output.


  • About Image size set how much the images are to be reduced during transfer.

Other functions

  • Shows that Legal Notice
  • Send system information opens a support message at DATAflorto ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions for improvement.
  • With Retrieve live data again a data comparison with your DATAflor BUSINESS Server performed.

Further steps