Capture report


Capture with DATAflor TIME convenient and digital reports for your construction sites. The reports are recorded and managed separately for each construction site on a daily basis.


The recording and management of the reports can be found in the app on the tab Reports.

With New report the dialog for the report entry opens. This dialog is in the tabs bedingungen, Work and Others divided.

Choose the Baustelle, The Construction manager are available as assessories. Responsible person out. You can use one of the App manager Select the transferred construction site, select a construction site via the live call DATAflor BUSINESS or make a free entry.

If there are bookings with start and end times for this construction site, these times are automatically pre-assigned.

If the break times are to be specified on the report, they can be selected and edited here.

If you have the option Use weather service activate, weather data for the coordinates of the place of execution of your construction site is retrieved and added to your report.

You can also use this button camera.jpg capture one or more images for the report. If the module DATAflor Construction file is available, these images can later be saved in DATAflor BUSINESS in just one place.

In tab Work the relevant hours of the employees and devices as well as the delivery notes for the corresponding day and the construction site are displayed.

Day wages are marked with an asterisk *.

In tab Others there are additional text fields such as Work carried out or Remark to disposal. Free input is possible here.

If you would like to enter the same entries repeatedly in the text fields, you can go to Write text modules that are also available for the following reports.

Save / sign report

When the report collection is complete, you are ready to go Save or get over Completion Have the work signed with a signature.

You can download the finished report at Completion check in a summary.

click on Sign and define over featurewho is currently signing.

For the signature, you and your client can sign on the white area with your finger or a suitable pen. Enter the name in clear text using the keyboard under the signature field. With Save you can complete the daily report. If you save here without a signature, the report can still be edited.

A completed report can also be saved in DATAflor BUSINESS can no longer be edited.

In the settings you can determine whether the construction site, the person responsible and the construction manager from the last booking is pre-assigned.


In the overview you can now see the reports prepared for transmission as well as the hourly bookings and delivery notes, if available.

Signed reports are with report_12.jpg marked and no longer editable afterwards, neither in the app nor in DATAflor BUSINESS.

Process and send reports

After transferring the reports to DATAflor BUSINESS, these are blocked for editing in the app. In DATAflor BUSINESS If not signed, the reports can be further processed. With a licensed construction file, the reports within the construction file for a LV are automatically available. You can find more information here.

Further steps