General setting options for the app

Reconnect CONNECT Restarts the initial setup and enables you to switch the connection to other servers or another BUSINESS User to choose.
CONNECT delete data Removes all local data on the device, but the login remains.
Database After successfully logging in, you can switch between different clients or back to the sample data.

Data retrieval

Setting options for how and when data should be compared.

Automatic data synchronization Automatically retrieves the current data that has changed since the last update every time the program is started. Depending on the connection, this can also delay the program start.
Current database The time period up to which date changed data records should be retrieved from the server is set here for the areas addresses, LV and construction files.
Autom. Only in WLAN Allows automatic data synchronization only in the WLAN.
Auto clean up Removes old data that is no longer in use from the device at regular intervals, thus helping to optimize storage requirements.
Compare data now Retrieves all current data from the server by default.
Send user behavior Allows DATAflor an analysis of the working methods to improve the app.
Send location data Currently without function.
Data output display Enter the length of time that your data remains visible in the data output.


Detailed setting options for various functional areas.

Resubmissions Options: sort order, grouping
Addresses Options: filter function by address type, display of contacts
LV's Options: filter function and sort order
Construction file Options: filter function and sort order
Map Options: size control of the circles during clustering, display of the map


Show app information The memory usage and the user data are displayed.
Send system information Send a support message to DATAflorto ask questions, report bugs or make suggestions for improvement.

Further steps