The app connects the offices with the construction sites / the construction sites with the offices. All data and functions necessary for DATAflor-Users on the go are of use, the app provides.

DATAflor CONNECT app have the data of your BUSINESS-Installation always with read access. Once your app is connected via the cloud manager, you are Settings either all of your data or only those from the last 1 - 36 months are available.

Information about the New and Extensions the current CONNECT version can be found here.

Information about the Installation and Facility of the apps can be found here.

Home screen

After connecting the app to your BUSINESSDatabase will give you the Action center displayed. If you have a licensed construction file, you will find your own here Resubmissions. Output the recorded or changed data are listed that are waiting to be sent to your database if the device is offline.
Recorded data will be transferred immediately if you are online. If you are offline, the data is collected in the output and an attempt is made to transfer it the next time you start the app. You can also swipe down in the exit to transfer the data.

You can find yours in the lower part of the app Addresses , LV's and yours, if applicable Construction file . In the Settings set options for your app.

By swiping down, you update the respective display: action center, addresses, LVs and the construction file.

Further steps