Transfer data


Open in DATAflor TIME the overview. All recorded booking records are displayed there.

  • Tasks for employees that have not yet been completed are through characterized.
  • Booking records that have already been transferred are shown in gray.
  • Data records that have not yet been transferred can be opened by tapping and, if necessary, edited.
  • If you press and hold an entry (in IOS by swiping) in the list, additional functions are available.
  • Duplication is a convenient way of quickly entering the same teams for the following days.
  • Only bookings that have not yet been transferred can be deleted.

The overview can be grouped differently.

  • After days The bookings are grouped in a daily overview.
  • According to resources grouped by employee, device, material article or plant.

Data transmission

To start the data transfer, press in the overview Transfer.

All bookings that have not yet been transferred are listed. By default, they are all selected for transfer. Uncheck the corresponding box if a booking should not be transferred.

One click on shows the bookings made for this day.

The booking data is automatically sent in an encrypted file directly to your server via the cloud.

Data output

In the output you can see all the transmitted data packets. There you will find an overview sorted by days with the respective status of the transfer.

If you need to perform a transfer again, tap (swipe in iOS) on the appropriate entry and resend this package to your DATAflor BUSINESS Server.

Further steps