Match payment


The manuelle Matched by payments made enables you to have a precise overview of the payments that are currently in progress (e.g. are in the form of a check in the mail or have been forwarded to the bank as a transfer, data carrier or online banking), but which have not yet been posted to your bank account.

Set the parameter Mark the invoice as "paid" not active , all executed payments are given the status printed and be on the Accounts payable open list listed under liquidity overview. Now compare these payments with the direct debits on your bank statement. Reconciled payments are no longer shown on the Accounts Payable open list.

For the automatic Set the parameter to reconcile executed payments Mark the invoice as "paid" aktiv so that all executed payments get the status immediately bezahlt obtained.

Open the menu BUSINESS the selection menu Outgoing payment and select the entry Match payment.

The program part Match payments will be opened.

The table shows all payments made listed.

In the column ZA the payment method is specified:

  • C = clearing
  • L = direct debit
  • P = per Write off open items in financial management
  • Q = Quicken interface
  • S = check
  • Ü = transfer

You can restrict the number of outgoing payments displayed:

PaymentOptionally, only outgoing payments of the payment type are shown check, Transfer or all Payment methods displayed.
PaymentsOptionally, only outgoing payments that not yet matched are, or Payments displayed.
Only the selected accountOnly outgoing payments from the bank details below are selected is displayed.

Mark the outgoing payments that have been debited from your bank account as bezahltby typing in the first column of the table put. Store in the column Booked on the posting date as well as in the column Account statement no. the number of the account statement.

Further steps