Manage price requests


  • You can save a price request that you have created in order to later use the article and supplier selection Create price comparison to use.
  • The Project management the saved price requests for the course are displayed and are available for inspection at any time.
  • You can also assign additional suppliers to a saved price request.

Save price request

You can save the article and supplier selection of a price request in order to send it to the Print price request and Create price comparison to continue to use.

Check to save a quote request You first in the column selection the article composition, the material articles and plants for which you would like to request prices.

Then click on in the toolbar and select the entry generate a new price request.

A table with the selected articles is displayed. Below the table, select the suppliers to whom you would like to send the price request.

Confirm your supplier selection with in the toolbar. The dialogue Price inquiry / ordering will be opened.

Price inquiryEnter the name under which the price request was saved and in the directory tree of the Project management is displayed for the course.
delivery dateEnter the planned delivery period. He is sent to the electronic output of the price request BRUNS online with issued.
RemarkLeave a short note for the price request. It is sent to the electronic output of the price request BRUNS online with issued.
middle areaThe selected articles are listed in the table.
lower areaThe selected suppliers are displayed.

Confirm your entries with in the toolbar.

Open price request

The Project management become LV in the folder in the project tree Price inquiry all saved price requests are displayed. To open a price request, double-click the desired price request in the project tree.

The following query appears. Confirm the query with [Yes], the request quantities of the price request are replaced by the LV quantities. With [No] the request quantities that you entered in the Article compilation have entered.

The dialogue Price inquiry / ordering The price request opens with the item and supplier selection.

Now you can assign further suppliers, one Create price comparison and one Print price comparison.

Assign further suppliers

You can subsequently assign further suppliers to a saved price request. In the lower area of ​​the dialog Price inquiry / ordering the suppliers that you selected when you saved the price request are listed.

To assign further suppliers to the price request, click on in the toolbar. The address search opens. Select the desired supplier and confirm with [Take over].

The selected supplier is added to the price request and is available for Print price request is available for storage, management and analysis.

Further steps