Price inquiries at BRUNS online


By connecting to BRUNS online A quick, labor-saving way of inquiring about plant prices is available on the Internet.


  • Provide internet access for the electronic transmission of price inquiries to BRUNS online.
  • Assign the supplier / contractor Bruns-Pflanzen-Export GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Zwischenahn the address property in the address manager Supplier / contractor and assign a vendor number.
  • Store the access data that you received from the BRUNS tree nursery in the program parameters Users at BRUNS online, Password at BRUNS online and URL BRUNS online.


  1. Mark Irish You first in the column selection of the Article compilation the material items and plants for which you would like to request prices and use the function Manage price requests.
  2. Assign the supplier to this price request alongside other possible suppliers Bruns-Pflanzen-Export GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Zwischenahn !
  3. Select in the lower area of ​​the dialog Price inquiry / ordering Select the supplier BRUNS in the price request.
  4. Click on in the toolbar .
  5. The status of the supplier is automatically changed from In progress on Request changed.
  6. Another click on [BRUNS online] in the toolbar picks up the offer from BRUNS online.
  7. The status of the supplier is automatically on Bonus changed.
  8. The prices offered can be compared with other providers and, if necessary, included in the compilation and preliminary calculation.
  9. With another click on [BRUNS online] In the tool bar, the order for the selected items is transmitted to BRUNS.

Further steps