Mass list of a LV


In the quantity statement, you record the routes, areas, volumes or numbers of items that you measured on the construction site for the preparation of the offer or billing of the LV.

  • For the acquisition and exchange of quantity certificates as well as for the compatibility with the different LV formats several standardize unterstützt.
  • In addition to the manual acquisition of the Quantity lines you can use the CAD coupling Transfer the quantities from the drawing objects of your CAD drawing to a quantity statement.
  • Note the special procedure for working with quantity statements when using the DATAflor replication.
  • You can have several quantity statements in Evidence of quantities summaries sum up.
  • Im Quantity-target-actual comparison you always have an overview of the entire performance status of your construction site compared to the ordered quantities.
  • For the Billing according to the delivered quantities you can have the program automatically create quantity lines when entering delivery notes in the post calculation.

Further steps