Print mass list


For a correct billing, please provide a printout Mass list the invoiced quantities to the client.

Activate the quantity verification in the project management aktivyou want to print. Then open the LV and click in the menu To press on the entry Mass list.

The following print menu opens.

Print settings

Make the following settings:

To press
By clicking can you express the Quantity proof summary switch.

Each printout can be checked again before printing. The display of a preview is preset by the program. If you do not want to see a preview, deactivate it The option.

For each form you can use the designer to create different Print variants shape. By clicking select the variant that you want to use for the printout.

Document no.
Apply the next free number in the number range by clicking on or enter the document number.

Document date
Enter the date or choose over the date that will be printed on the list. The current system date is preset by default.

Operator sign, Contact Person, Telefon-Nr.
In the program parameter Pre-assignment of processor in LV printouts Define whether the fields are pre-filled with the data of the logged in user or the seller / site manager who is entered for the LV. The data that you entered in the Address manager in the user data of the employees.

1. Address
Select the address to which the printout is sent. The entry Clients is preset by default.

2. Address
If you would like to print another address from the list, select it by clicking on out. The default entry is preset.

You can join a project add further project addresseswhich are then displayed in the list field for selection.

By clicking , choose whether you want to print the quantity statement or as a Fax or E-mail want to send.

By clicking choose the printer you want to use for printing. Only printers installed under Windows are available for selection.

Include in building file
In addition to the printout, the list is saved as a PDF file in your DATAflor Construction file stored in the address manager for the client and in the project management for the LV.

Advanced Settings...
For printing out several copies on different printers or on different paper, use the here Advanced print settings .

Paper feed
If your printer offers several paper trays, select by clicking on the slot from which the paper is used for printing.

print from / to page
Here you can specify the pages to be printed out. If you would like to print the entire quantity statement, do not make any changes in these fields.

If you need several copies of the quantity certificate, enter the required number here.

Settings tab

Activate the respective option by ticking the box .

The selected 1st and 2nd addresses as well as the document date, operator reference, contact person and telephone number. are printed on the first page.
Example expression:

project information
The project number, designation, address, contact person as well as course number, designation and contact person are printed out on the first page.
Example expression:

Subject / header / footer
The ones on the tabs Subject, Header text or Footer text entered texts are also output.

An editor is available to you for text design Text variablesthat are automatically filled by the program.

Formula legend
All formulas used in the quantity statement are listed on the printout.
Example expression:

only selected positions
It will only show the items that are on the tab selection selected, printed.

Position summary
There is a separate summary of the quantities by item in the printout.
Example expression:

Reference summary
All references used are compiled separately in the printout.
Example expression:

Column headings above each position
The column headings of the table are shown in each position.
Example expression:

Suppress column headings
The column headings are not printed on any page.

Suppress column address
The reference addresses of the quantity lines are not printed in the first column of the table.

Change of page before position
The quantities of each item are printed on a separate page.

The printout is in landscape format.

Form name
The form description is used as a heading in the printout. The description of the quantity certificate is preset as standard. Adjust the form name if necessary.

Print preview and printing

After you have entered all the necessary information for your printout, click in the menu Print settings on or alternatively use the key combination Ctrl+ P.

Example expression:
first page with address and project information

Formula legend

Measurement values ​​and quantity calculations for each item

Position summary

Further steps