Proof of quantities in connection with replication


To increase data security and avoid duplicate data when using the replication can provide proof of quantities rather simultaneously can be edited locally and in the network.

For further processing on a replication computer, quantity records are transferred to the replication computer. Until they are returned and replicated in full, these quantities are blocked for processing in the network. They are returned with the next replication cycle, which runs automatically in the background or is started manually via the replication manager.

The procedure for outsourcing is in the chapter Work with proof of quantities described in the section System / Replication.

If a quantity certificate has been outsourced to a notebook, it receives the status of a local quantity certificate after it has been saved in the network. It is still visible in the network, but cannot be edited.

The same applies to quantities that have not been outsourced to the notebook. They are visible on the notebook (also within position editing), but cannot be edited.

Further steps