Basic settings for working with quantity statements

Start address for each format

In a quantity statement, each quantity line is identified by a unique address. This address is used to reference and identify the quantity lines. In the Program parameters 70.60.10, 70.60.20, 70.60.30 and 70.60.40 define the addresses that are to be used with Creation of a quantity certificate can be preset as start addresses.

  • You can assign the starting address separately for the manual creation of quantity lines and for transferring the quantity line from your CAD drawing.
  • You can also use the REB 23.003 as well as DATAflor and REB 23.004 predefine different start addresses.

Quantity line from delivery note

Im Program parameters 70.60.50 Quantity line from delivery note deposit the text that is required for the automatic creation of the comment line in the Billing according to the delivered quantities is used. If no text is entered, no comment line is created.

The following are available for text design Text variablesthat are automatically filled by the program are available:

  • [DATE] = document date of the NK posting
  • [DISPLAY NAME] = Display name of the supplier
  • [LIEFERSCHEINNUMMER] = the delivery note number entered in the NK booking

Further steps