Set up preliminary costing

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for the preliminary calculation:

Rights Administrator Main user User
Right group: projects
Display of preliminary costing X X
Right group: System
Display system control X

Display of preliminary costing

With the module Preliminary calculation you can subdivide each position into its partial services (wages, equipment, material, other, plant, disposal, external service). The partial services of a position are shown on the tab Preliminary calculation managed. This is for users with the user right Display of preliminary costing visible. In addition, users with this user right can use the Calculation approach of a LV edit as well as for Price assessment view the calculation overview / DB invoice.

Display system control

The calculation basis of DATAflor BUSINESS are the work areas. Workspaces can only be created, edited and deleted by those users who have the user right Display system control are authorized to do so.

Further steps