Preliminary calculation

DATAflor BUSINESS provides you with a powerful Preliminary calculation is available for storage, management and analysis.

  • The preliminary calculation is sent directly to the Price determination coupled to the position. This gives you the advantage that you can create and change a preliminary cost estimate very quickly and clearly.
  • You can use the preliminary costing in Standard service catalogs take over (see Standard service management). When using such standard service catalogs, you can immediately use the preliminary costings of standard service items at any time to calculate the offer for new specifications.
  • You can use all the master data recorded by to process the preliminary cost estimate Material, plants, devices and wage is available for storage, management and analysis.
  • You can the Calculation method Surcharge calculation 1 (equal load / unequal load) and Surcharge calculation 2 (equal load) use.

Terms of calculation

Surcharge calculationPrice determination procedure
Breakeven analysisProcedure for checking the offer price in the preliminary calculation and for determining the success of the construction site in the final calculation
Contribution margin (DB)Sales - manufacturing costs
TurnoverTotal amount of the course at the time of the preliminary calculation
proceedsTotal amount of the course at the time of the post calculation
manufacturingIndividual costs of the partial service (EKT) + construction site overheads (BGK)
Construction site overheads (BGK)variable costs that are required or incurred for the completion of a construction site
General business costs (AGK)Fixed costs in the company that are incurred in business operations and administration
Fixed costs = AGK
Cost = ECT + BGK + AGK
Risk and Profit (WuG)imputed profit entitlement
Construction site wages (BML)Average employee wage
Calculation wage (KL)Middle wage + surcharges for social wages and wage-related costs
Transferable wages (VL) = KL + surcharges for BGK, AGK and WuG
Value Added = Revenue - use of materials (- use of equipment (depending on parameters))
Target DBControl value of the planned cost accounting to assess the profit margin generated
Target DBControl value of the planned cost calculation for the contribution margin calculation
DB / target DBNumber of hours available to obtain a result according to the business plan
Construction hoursWorking hours recorded as ECT for work on the construction site

Further steps