Basic settings


There are numerous basic settings for the preliminary costing Program parameters to disposal. The various functions are explained in the following chapters.

Open the menu Program data and select the entry Program parameters.

Update project tree

In the program parameter 70.40.10 Update project tree specify that the changes are immediately visible in the item tree by moving them within the preliminary costing data records.

By Deactivate The automatic update gives you increased speed when processing the partial service groups.

You can manually update the position tree at any time by pressing the button F5 . perform

Calculation of added value

In the program parameter 70.40.20 Calculation of added value specify that for the calculation of the added value of the Use of equipment is taken into account.

Takeover of material

In the program parameter 70.40.60 Transfer material set that the Part performance text for pre-calculated materials only the Designation 1 from the material master or from the fields Designation 1 and 2 composed.

Use this function if your relevant material information is distributed in both fields.

Example: Material data record in the material master data

Example: Taken over as a partial service material

The composite transfer is limited by the field length of the field Partial service.

Further steps