Generate delivery note from preliminary calculation


If the material items and plants have been delivered and installed as pre-calculated in the LV, you can use the Preliminary calculation automatically generate the associated delivery notes for post-calculation. This saves you having to type in again and the costs are immediately available for your construction site evaluations.

  • The delivery notes generated each contain a pre-calculated one Partial service The supplier stored for the partial service, the description of the material item or the plant, the cost type and the unit of measure.
  • The amount is calculated from the currently active amount evidence and the amount of the partial service.
  • The Daily wage positions the amount is taken from the daily wage reports.

This function stands for the partial services VK material, VK miscellaneous, VK plant, UK disposal and VK external service as well as for the daily wage positions.


The prerequisite is that the material items or plants are pre-calculated in the course.

  • The delivery note is created for the supplier who is stored for the partial service.
  • The quantity including surcharge is used to calculate the quantity for the delivery note.

Example: Gravel 16/32 from Rondot Baustoffzentrum, Adelebsen with 0,2156 tons per m² of paving

You then record in one Mass list the quantities of the positions that you have executed.
Example: 25,2 m² paving made of grass paving stones

You can enter additional material items and plants delivered in a daily wage report.
Example: 3 tree stakes 10 x 250 cm supplied

Now open the menu LV and choose the function VC → NK.

In the table all parts of the course are listed. If a material item or a plant is pre-calculated in several items, these are listed separately for each item.

  • In the column Amount the quantities used for the delivery note are given.
    • Calculation of the quantity of partial services from items that are billed via the quantity statement:
      Quantity approach including surcharge from the preliminary calculation x quantity performed from the quantity certificate
      Example: 0,2156 to / m² x 25,2 m² = 5,43 to
    • Calculation of the amount of partial services from items that are billed via the daily wage report:
      Sum of all daily wage reports
  • In the column Quantity already taken over the quantities are specified that are already recorded in one or more delivery notes for the material item or plant.
  • In the column supplier the supplier who was assigned to the partial service in the preliminary costing is displayed.
  • By default, the partial services are selected for which the quantity is not 0,00 and a supplier is assigned.

No delivery notes can be created for partial services to which no supplier is assigned. To assign a supplier to the partial services, execute the function Select missing supplier .

The address search opens. Select the supplier and confirm with [Take over]. The selected supplier is assigned to all partial services without a supplier.

Select the material items or plants for which you want to automatically create delivery notes. By executing the function Apply the corresponding delivery notes are created in the final costing.

Further steps