Navigation aids

The resource view has a number of navigation tools that you can use to keep an eye on all relevant operations.

You can choose to place your bets in the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Year view display. To do this, click in the menu group Display on the period you prefer.

You can also use the buttons Continue and Back quickly to the missions you are looking for. The time jumps depend on the selected period:

Selected period Continue Back
Tag Indicates the next day Displays the previous day
Week Shows the next week Displays the previous week
Month Displays the next month Displays the previous month
quarter Indicates the next quarter Displays the previous quarter
year ( YYYY ) Indicates the next year Displays the previous year

By selecting the button today switch back to the period that begins with the current date with one click.
By opening the calendar via the arrow, you can select any day from which the period you have selected should be displayed.

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the green arrow symbols in the lower part of the calendar you will get back to the previously displayed sections of your calendar.

In addition to the usual scrolling using sliders and the mouse wheel, horizontal scrolling using the mouse is also possible with suitable devices.

Additional view

The Additional viewIn the lower section of the calendar, the construction site beam is displayed in its entire length. To do this, mark the corresponding assignments in the resource view.

The Additional view can be shown and hidden as required. Activate or deactivate in the menu Construction site manager the entry Additional view.

Filter by resources

About the function Filter you can search specifically for word components used in the name of the resource.

Filter by team

You can display all associated employees and devices for the selected team in the list.

Sorting resources

With manual sorting, you can display your employees and devices in a practical and meaningful order for you. To do this, select in the menu group presentation first the sorting criterion Manual gearbox .

Then mark one or more resources that you want to move and drag them to the desired position with the left mouse button pressed.

Construction site colors

When choosing Construction manager or Responsible your construction sites with the for the site manager or responsible person displayed. So that the construction site and employee colors stand out from one another, the construction site color differs slightly in terms of brightness and saturation. Upon selection Manual gearbox the construction sites with the the color deposited on the construction site displayed.

Change to employee, device, LV and LV address

Depending on whether you have a bet for one Employees or a Gerät in your planning, you can conveniently go to the address of the employee in the Address manager or to the device in the device management switch. The change to the corresponding course in the Project management and to the LV address is always possible. You can also switch via the entry For selection in another view on the corresponding use in the construction site view.

Further steps