Consistent planned working time


The steady planned working time is the average monthly planned working time for a year and can be used to manage working time accounts.

  • In the target time calendar, different working times can be defined for each day and each month. This results in a total working time per year. The annual working time divided by 12 (months) results in the steady planned working time.
  • In addition to the Assigning a working time group Define for each employee whether their working time model is based on the steady planned working time.
  • Im Hours-target-actual comparison as well as the target / actual comparison on the Hours list the recorded wage hours are compared to the steady planned working time.

Hours / month per billing period

In the annual working time management, each working time group is displayed on the tab Calendar the average number of Hours / month for the set Billing period displayed.

Assign constant planned working time

Call in Address manager the address of the employee and open the tabs Details and Employees. Open on the right The choice total time and activate the option Consistent target time.

For this employee, the number becomes Hours / month the working time group assigned to the employee for the Hours-target-actual comparison .

Further steps