Hours-target-actual comparison


The Record wage hours show you that Holiday symbol, the Target time display as well as the Quick overview of working hours the planned working time that applies to the set date and the selected employee.

A comparison between the planned working time and the hours actually worked by an employee per day and per month and the difference between them shows you Hours list.

Holiday symbol

If a date is selected for recording wage and equipment hours or material and plant deliveries, which is in the target time calendar of Working time group of the employee is defined as a public holiday, this is indicated by next to the date field. Is the option for the working time group Pay holidays is set, a wage hour booking must be made for the holiday.

Target time display

In addition to the input field for the wage hours, the planned working time for the specified date is displayed for the employee if the target time calendar is defined.

Quick overview of working hours

The quick overview of working hours gives you a monthly overview of the recorded wage hours for the selected employee. To open the working hours quick view, click on to the right of the employee selection.

The working time quick view shows the employee the wage hours recorded in the selected month, the planned working time and the differences.

The difference between planned working time and recorded wage hours is shown in color as follows:

  • Grey: no deviation between target and actual time
  • Green: Overtime done. The recorded wage hours exceed the defined planned working time for this day.
  • Red: Target time underrun. The actual time booked for the day falls below the defined target time.

Further steps