Digital inbox


With the digital inbox you receive in DATAflor BUSINESS electronic documents, digitize paper documents and process them in a team according to individually defined workflows. You can quickly enter incoming invoices with just a few clicks.

Import files

  • incoming digital documents (supported file types) Import them manually into the digital inbox using drag & drop (e.g. directly from the e-mail) or using the Windows file selection
  • Automatically import files that arrive in defined directories
  • Digitize incoming paper documents by scanning and digitally process the generated PDF file

Save “typing” through automatic data recognition

  • OCR recognition (optical character recognition) via Microsoft Azure service
  • Recognition of the document type (incoming invoices / other such as delivery notes, letters, etc.)
  • Field detection (supplier / sender, document number, document date, billing amount)
  • Complete the data by adoption of the document view with a mouse click

Automated documents in the DATAflor Save construction file

  • When a task is processed in the digital inbox, the associated files are automatically saved in your DATAflor Construction file saved.
  • Allocation of uniform document names by using text variables
  • Pre-assignment of the category, document type, etc.
  • Automatic versioning to comply with the requirements of the GoBD and tracking of the processing status of the electronic documents

Standardize work processes

  • Each imported file or scanned paper document in the inbox to a task. Each task is assigned to a workflow. In the workflow, you define which processing steps the tasks go through according to your individual company structure (e.g. review, approval). In addition, you determine by which employee the respective processing step is carried out. Regardless of the workflow definition, you can delegate to handle a task to another user.

Booking easier with the digital invoice receipt

  • See for checking the invoices with a single click already recorded delivery notes
  • simple invoice (1 booking with total invoice amount on 1 construction site) is posted completely automatically → the invoice is immediately available for payment via SEPA clearing and for the accounting interface and the costs are immediately included in the construction site reports
  • The header data is automatically recorded for the distribution of the invoice → the invoice is immediately available for payment via SEPA clearing

Process tasks electronically

  • Add text and digital stamps
  • Mark text / parts of text in color
  • "stick on" digital post-its
  • Send messages to the next processor via the feed
  • Notification of receipt of new tasks

Demo version / subscription

  • You can purchase the digital inbox by subscription. You can subscribe yourself at any time in the cloud manager of your BUSINESS-Close or cancel the program.
  • Before taking out a subscription, you can order a demo version and get to know the digital inbox free of charge for 30 days.
  • If the demo version is ordered at a workstation or a subscription is taken out, the digital inbox in the network is available to all users.


  • DATAflor BUSINESS Version 2021 or higher

  • DATAflor BUSINESS-Network installation
    BUSINESS- Single user installation can be done with the support of the DATAflor Service can be converted into a network installation. To do this, send us an inquiry about the Support tool.

  • DATAflor Service contract

  • Needed BUSINESS-Modules:

    • DATAflor Construction file
      The digital inbox is an extension of the DATAflor Construction file.

    • Post calculation, controlling 1, controlling 2 or ZV vendors
      For entering supplier invoices and evaluating the supplier invoices entered in the digital inbox.

  • Internet connection
    • To process the files, the files are encrypted and transmitted to Microsoft cloud services via your Internet connection using the HTTPS protocol. A stable internet connection is required for reliable work with the digital inbox.

  • Scanner - for digitizing paper documents
    • TWAIN-enabled scanner
    • TWAIN 2 compliant driver

Further steps