DATAflor Construction file


The DATAflor Construction file is an in DATAflor BUSINESS Integrated document management system for storing and managing the in BUSINESS generated printouts as well as external files and emails. The following file types are supported: * .doc, * .jpg, * .bmp, * .tif, * .xls, * .txt, * .pdf, * .ppt. E-mails from Microsoft Outlook can be integrated as well as direct reading in via a workstation scanner.

The construction file is available within the project management, the addresses, the standard services, the device management and in the invoice receipt.

Program areaUsage
Project management - all documents, information and pictures of a construction site
- Documentation of the construction progress, protocols, letters
- Documents can also be assigned to special hierarchy levels and positions
Addresses all the documents you need for a customer or employee interview
Standard services Installation instructions, product descriptions, images
device management Operating instructions, TÜV reports, repair documents
invoice Received PDF file or scan product of the received invoice printout

The assignment of the documents to in BUSINESS generated printouts are carried out automatically. In addition, the keywords (metadata: creator, document type and number, date, project and LV number, ...) are automatically filled by the software.

On the tab Documents the documents saved for the selected or opened project / LV / position / address / device / incoming invoice are displayed. This gives everyone involved in the project quick access to the relevant information.

Example: Construction file of a construction site

A search of all keywords finds documents whose assignment you no longer know. The automatic indexing of text documents also enables a search via file contents.

The versioning of documents manages different processing statuses and keeps the unchanged original.

Each saved document can be given a resubmission date and assigned to you or a colleague. The permanent retrieval of the resubmission enables structured work. The connection of the follow-up to the Microsoft Outlook tasks enables access to information also on mobile devices (iPhone, etc.).

To work with the documents in the construction file, every user of the construction file needs unrestricted access to the files belonging to the documents in the network. If you do not want to allow the readability of the files belonging to the documents in the construction file in the file system of your network, you can save these files in encrypted form. This means that all files of the construction file are automatically encrypted and only from DATAflor BUSINESS can be opened. The file name and the file type are encrypted in the network file system so that the files cannot be decrypted by DATAflor BUSINESS are not readable.

Tips for the structure of your construction file

With these tips we would like to support you in organizing your construction files. These are recommendations on how to manage your documents and structure your business.

The DATAflor Construction file is already fully set up with the installation and can be put into operation immediately. The templates are for storage in the DATAflor Construction file optimized. You save yourself the set-up work. Special adjustments to your company are possible at any time.

An organizational system only works if everyone involved quickly learns the rules and can keep them. It is therefore important to define a few terms with which documents, i.e. information, are generally stored. Every employee must be able to find any information at any time.

Therefore, check carefully how you expand your construction file. You can use these general recommendations to review your existing organizational system and adjust it if necessary. In large companies, this activity is often carried out by a responsible organizational officer.

Paper file vs. DATAflor Construction file

With the following comparison we show you the potential of DATAflor Construction file compared to the paper construction file:

Paper fileDATAflor Construction file
must be labeled by hand and stapled in a file folder
All of DATAflor delivered templates Automatically in Sorted into category. For external documents DATAflor a clear list is available for quick selection.
Filing systemdesignation
entered in the subject or header of the document when creating it
DATAflor Templates have a name Automatically a. Only external documents need to be identified. The designation is on the document and the overview list.
1 to x folder per project
The table of contents for all folders must be maintained manually
only one file per construction site
The content is controlled at the push of a button.
manually by date and / or document type
Created to
Work in the DATAflor BUSINESS determines the filing Automatically.
The login name of the user is Automatically the person responsible.
Document Type
All DATAflor Templates have a document type Automatically . DATAflor provides a clear list for external documents for quick assignment.
Filing date
Automatically when capturing.
Logical links
Automatic logical links of the recorded document. Documents can be called up anywhere in the program. A tedious search is no longer necessary.
resubmission(Copies) sorted into compartments
at your fingertips
Note(Copies) divided into compartments
at your fingertips
Access control to documentsExtra file folder that is kept under lock and key
Project files are distributed in the office
at your fingertips
Set access authorization for employees, the file stays together
Shipping informationNoted on document
at your fingertips
Search functionmanually
Quick search using dividers and the created chronology
Search dialog
Search for filing criteria, interactive table of contents with categories / document types
Min andas stapledIndividually at the push of a button
Every employee can put together their own individual view.
Facilitymanually for each file individuallyAutomatically
there is no need for complex equipment

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