Replication is an additional module for BUSINESS. With the help of replication, you can use BUSINESS work and then compare your recorded data with the stationary database. If the stationary data is being worked on in the meantime, you will also receive the current status on the mobile version. Use the replication, for example, to create a LV on site at the customer.

System Requirements

The following requirements are necessary for setting up and working with the DATAflor To meet replication:

  • The computer names of the server and the workstations must not contain umlauts or special characters.
  • DATAflor BUSINESS Server and client installation (or peer to peer)
  • DATAflor BUSINESS Server installation and the DATAflor BUSINESS Workplaces up to date
  • valid license for the DATAflor replication
  • complete data backup
  • Directory DATAflor of the BUSINESS-Server installation is released and visible in the network (attention: resource release not drive link).

Working with the local BUSINESS

The data synchronization overwrites the old data with the more recent data. That's why the DATAflor BUSINESS Software is only available in limited form on the local workstation.

The following functions are available in the local BUSINESS not available:

  • Financial management
  • Invoice / reminder / credit printing
  • invoice
  • Payment preparation / outgoing
  • Print variant creation
  • Material and plant catalog import
  • daily planning
  • DATAflor Construction file
  • All interfaces
  • Planned costs

The following functions are available in the local BUSINESS only available as a view without editing function:

  • Construction site manager
  • HR manager

Further steps