BIM 2022

In this CAD help you will find information on the operation of our CAD products GREENXPERT, LANDXPERT, CADXPERT, ETB-CAD and BIMXPERT.
Details on the individual functions can be found in the following subject areas:

You have the option in DATAflor WIKI to perform a Search To do this, in the sidebar under DATAflor Products select the desired product. Then enter your search term in the search field at the top right and select the appropriate entry from the search results list. A Fragment search can be carried out with a preceding or appended asterisk *.

Many functions are explained using videos. You can find these and other tips in the DATAflor Youtube Channel.

Not all functions described in the documentation are actually available in the application.

The commands displayed and active depend on:

  • whether this function at the time of application technically possible is or
  • whether this feature licensed is.

That way DATAflor CAD becomes even better and more efficient for you, in addition to reporting questions and problems, we are always interested in suggestions. Send your wishes to: