What's new?

version 2022

The innovations listed here apply to all of our AutoCAD-based products:
Some functions are license-dependent and are not available to all users.

Also have a look at our webinar on the innovations:
DATAflor GREENXPERT version 2022

Contents of the patches (updates within the version)

DATAflor Object manager

  • Completely revised for optimized display and operation
  • Lots of new features
  • Adaptable to every requirement down to the last detail
  • Several dialogs can be used in parallel
  • More performance
  • Light and dark mode

Mass tree and tools

  • Better clarity
  • Tool box can be individually adapted
  • Add your own toolbars
  • Integrated search function
  • Drag and drop
  • Handover of the objects for display in Google Earth

Info dialog

  • Context-sensitive representation of the mass tree
  • Make changes directly in the object table
  • Multiple choice
  • Drag and drop
  • Context-dependent display of the menus
  • Marking important entries

Column selection

  • Easy selection with the plus logic
  • Customize object table perfectly for every task
  • Add your own column collections
  • Quick change between different column compositions

Functions in the menu

  • Direct access to available tools
  • New: Create and edit formulas
  • Efficient use of the object table with the display options, eg object filter
  • Several dialogs can be used in parallel


  • Completion of imported GAEB files and position couplings
  • Appending or inserting positions and titles
  • Use of standard services via drag & drop
  • Create a GAEB file directly from a mass tree
  • Output of the GAEB file as a d.8x file
  • Writing, updating and exporting quantity statements
  • Large projects with more performance through manual synchronization

Layer prefix

  • Additional prefix can be defined for layers
  • Selection from a list of predefined variables
  • Better filtering of the layers


  • Easy creation and modification of formulas
  • Adding lists
  • Use of formulas in formulas
  • Wide range of parameters
  • Show several formulas in one column of the legend
  • Using the formulas for labeling

Digital terrain model

The new DGM motor

  • Processing of larger amounts of points
  • Fast and precise meshing
  • Exact representation of modeled edges even with large areas

Layer structure

  • Assignment of several objects to a layer structure
  • Changes in the layer structure update all objects
  • Better clarity

Total station import

  • Improved filtering of incorrect measurement data
  • List of faulty lines with line number and cause


  • Extension by various standard classes
  • Creation of the associated parameter sets

Coordinate configuration

  • Configuration of georeferenced drawings
  • Optimized coordinates for display in Google, Google Maps and BING Maps
  • Display drawings with UTM coordinates with or without a zone
  • Display drawings with GK coordinates with or without meridian stripes
  • Transfer of captured objects to Google Earth as a KML file

KML files

  • Export of KML files to Google Earth
  • Display file with assigned objects graphically in Google Earth
  • Save the templates of the KML graphics as a graphic theme

Innovations of the version 2021 see here.