Booking history


The Booking history the already recorded bookings are listed.


Restrict in the Program parameters Number of days for booking history Enter the period so that only the last relevant, but not all previously recorded bookings are displayed. This provides a quick overview and reduces the volume of data that the program has to load and update.

All values ​​(hours or amount) that are shown in brackets in the booking history are used in the totals for the Evaluations of the final costing not considered.

To adapt the layout of the table to your requirements, you can sort the entries and change the order of the columns.

Sort bookings
By clicking on a column header in the table, the documents are sorted alphabetically or numerically in ascending order after this column or descending sorted.


Column order
You can change the order of the columns by clicking the column header of the column that you want to move and, while holding down the mouse button, drag the column header between the column headers of the columns between which you want to insert the column. Two green arrows indicate where the column can be inserted.


The columns Price, amount and Wage type contain sensitive employee data and are only available to users who have the user right Access to employee reports have.