Plant labels


In the program part Plant labels you can design and print plant labels in various formats.

The labels are usually very thick and firm sheets. Not every printer can process this sheet thickness! Ask your label dealer to give you a sample sheet to test your printer. The fewest problems arise with printers in which the sheet is transported straight and without deflection. Also check your sheet feeder in this regard. Also ask your printer manufacturer.

Program call

Open the menu BUSINESS and select the entry Plant labels.

Basic settings

Numerous program parameters are available for basic pre-settings for plant label printing. In the Program data menu, open the Program parameters.

Setting the grid

In the program parameter Setting the grid set the resolution of the grid. Numbers from 1 to 30 can be entered. The smaller the value, the finer the fields can be shifted. On the other hand, it is easier to slip in the column or row when you drop an object.

Default font size

In the program parameter Default font size indicate which font size you would like to use as standard for the plant labels. Font sizes between 8 and 99 pixels can be set.

Default character set

In the program parameter Default character set define the font that will be used by default for plant labels. The font must of course be installed on Windows.

Selection of price scale BRUNS

The BRUNS catalog has several price scales. Depending on whether 1, 10, 100, 1.000 or 10.000 plants are available. In the program parameter Selection of price scale BRUNS select the BRUNS price scale from which the price for the plant label is taken.

Round gross price

In the program parameter Gross price round you define the rounding procedure for the gross price and the gross factor on plant labels.

Enter VAT

In the program parameter Enter VAT include plant VAT for calculating the retail price of plant labels.

Currency symbol

In the program parameter Currency symbol Enter the abbreviation that will be printed on the plant labels for the identification of the currency type. A maximum of three characters are used.

Further steps