Set up material management

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for material management:

Rights Administrator Main user User
Right group: catalogs
Edit material X
Permanently delete / restore material, product groups or catalog X
Price maintenance material X

Edit material

Every user has access to the material management and can view all material master data and use it for item processing, pre- and post-calculation.
User with the user right Edit material can create and edit catalogs, product groups and material articles and submit a deletion request for entries that are no longer required.

Permanently delete / restore material, product group or catalog

In order to offer you protection against accidental deletion of material data, only users with this user right can permanently delete or restore material articles and catalogs marked for deletion.

Price maintenance material

User with the user right Price maintenance material can perform the function for recalculating the net sales prices of all material articles in a catalog.

Further steps