Graphical report overview


With the graphical report overview, you can evaluate at a glance for which days reports are available and for which days hour bookings were recorded without daily reports.


You get to the graphical overview by selecting from the report search in the menu group Reports on Overview . click

The graphical report overview opens.


To select courses for the evaluation click in the menu Overview on Select. The course selection opens.

LVs with the status BB, BE, BS and BV are displayed which have been processed within the last 3 months. Select the desired courses and click on in the menu Add. The selected courses are included in the overview table. To remove LVs, mark them in the table and click on in the menu Remove. Close the course selection by clicking again Select.

In the menu group View you can switch from the monthly to the annual overview and back. With Back and Continue switch to the previous or next period.

In the overview table you will find a list of your chosen courses. By clicking on the respective column header, you can sort the table according to this column.

The table shows for each course how many daily reports are available for a day or month. If hour bookings are recorded for a day, but there is no daily report, this field is marked in color in the month view.

In the menu you can switch from the report to the Post calculation overview where you can find an overview of the posted wage hours.

Further steps