Graphic hour overview


With the graphical overview of hours you get an overview of the hours booked by your employees, deviations from target times or missing booking days.


You can access the graphical hourly overview by clicking on from the post calculation in the menu Overview . click

The hourly overview table opens with the hourly evaluation for the current month.

In the overview table, all booked wage hours of the respective employees are displayed per day or month.

  • If the hours exceed the set threshold, the table field is marked green. Fields with missing hours are marked in orange accordingly.
  • At the bottom of the table you will find the total of the hours booked.
  • In the last columns of the table you will find a comparison of the target and actual hours for the respective period. Here, too, overtime is colored green and absenteeism is colored orange.

In the left section of the screen you can define whether and from which hourly overtime or absent hours are marked, whether the overview of the days or months and the employee details are to be displayed. By clicking you can expand or collapse this area.

For the column headers of the columns Personal No. and designation the pin button is available. This is used to fix the columns so that they are not moved to the background during horizontal navigation and thus always remain displayed.

In the menu you can view Month on Accounting year switch. With Back and Continue switch to the previous or next period.