Plant manager

Command: QPLANTS


The plant manager is a tool for creating your planting plan safely and easily. All functionalities of the Plant Manager are explained under the following links and on this page:

The highlights of the plant manager:

After opening a drawing with plants, the plants in the model and layout are always saved as unfilled symbols shown so that the drawing can be opened quickly. After regenerating the drawing with the command REGEN, the set display types are displayed again.


  1. To open the Plant Manager, click the tab in the menu Planning.
  2. Click the little black arrow next to that object Manager and then on Plant manager.
  3. You can use the Plant manager also with the command QPLANTS . call
  4. You can now set up the manager individually:
    Change the position and size of the window by moving and scaling it.
    Configure the tree structure using the button .


  • Solitary planting
  • Area planting
  • Line planting
  • New plant
  • Update pairing

Object tree

The tree in the upper area of ​​the Plant Manager is divided into the nodes Drawing, Standard and compilations.


Under the knot Drawing all plants used in the current drawing are always summarized. Sorted according to different categories.

  • Usage - Sorted according to their use as solitary, area or stretch planting.
  • Plant species - Sorted by plant type, deciduous trees, shrubs, grasses etc.
  • Flower colors - Color sorting according to flower color groups.
  • Lighting requirements - Sorting according to lighting requirements.
  • Areas - Spatial structure of the planning, e.g. front garden, pond area, etc.
  • Planting areas - Sorts plants according to created areas.
  • Planting lines - Sorted by hedges and avenues.


The knot Standard includes the plants that you add and define as standard.

  • When using the Plant Manager for the first time, it will be empty.
  • Fill in via drag & drop BUSINESS, DATAplants or from the Drawing node.
  • Gradually create company standards and pass them on to employees.
  • The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the Configuration further nodes can be shown (e.g. light requirements and flower color).


In this node you can create certain plant compositions and store them for further use.

  • Compositions (such as Silbersommer and PinkParadise - planting schemes)
  • Themes (cottage garden and shade plants)
  • Configurable (hide and sort the sub-items)
  • old planting schemes can be transferred to the plant manager compilations (via the right mouse button)

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