BUSINESS Quickstart

This page aims to get you started with the DATAflor BUSINESS Make software easier. We want to make it easy for you to get results quickly.

DATAflor BUSINESS consists of a large number of modules with which you can adapt the software individually to your needs.
Some of the functions and menu calls described are part of modules that are only available if you have a corresponding license. Information on licensing is available in the area General Operation.

To try out and try out

1. How to start the program

2. Quick orientation on the home screen

3. The program help is just a click away

4. The quick way from offer to invoice

Now it's getting serious

5. For a good start: how to set up BUSINESS right one

6. All program commands at a glance

The complete guide to get you started DATAflor BUSINESS see here.
The complete guide to get you started BUSINESS You can find AVA here.

Further steps