For a good start: how to set up BUSINESS right one

1. Your quick line to customer support

With the DATAfor support tool, you can conveniently address your request, including a screenshot and program data DATAflor transfer. This saves time and helps to resolve your queries quickly and in a targeted manner.

Support tool

2. Set up a data backup

For your own protection and to comply with GoBD and data protection, you should first and foremost ensure that your DATAflor BUSINESS-Data is saved regularly and reliably. Check whether the correct path for storing the database copy has been saved in program parameter 10.10 and whether this path is recorded by your existing data backup.

Data Backup

3. Create a separate user for each user

Data protection and GoBD make it essential to assign each user their own user with the appropriate user rights for their tasks. If the possibilities of the standard version are not sufficient for you, you can use the extended user administration.

User administration

4. Store company data

Enter your company address, tax number and bank details so that these can be used automatically by the program if required.

Company address

5. Transfer your existing address list

In many cases it makes sense to re-enter the existing addresses one by one so that the errors of the old address management are not carried over into the new system. If you have a very large address database, you can easily import it from Excel or other data sources via the CSV interface. If you decide to go this way, you should definitely check and revise the address inventory in advance in a list view.

Data import

6. Design your user interface individually

Whether you focus on private customer business or work more for public clients, with the DATAflor BUSINESS Address Manager you can access all important data of your business partners. You can configure the screen surface in the way that is best for you personally. Select which theme tiles you want to see and where they should be placed in what size.

Customize view

7. Set the most important program parameters

With the program parameters you can DATAflor BUSINESS adapt to your company. These parameters are often used: No. 7.20.130 for bold print of the title, No. 70.20.160 for deducting invoices or payments in the footnote and 50.30 for setting the project numbering.

Program parameters

8. Create your most important terms of payment

The payment conditions are set once and can then be assigned to each new service description when the offer is created. If you only use the stored standard variants in the future, the accounting will also be simplified.

payment terms

9. Set up a work area as a basis for calculation

Enter your mean wage and your calculation surcharges. These are automatically taken into account when calculating your offers, but can be individually adjusted in each specification of services.

working area

10. Save standard texts for headers, footers and letters

In each text entry field of DATAflor BUSINESSYou can save your standard texts as quick modules, e.g. for letters, LV items and offer header texts. On our website we offer you in the area GaLaBau knowledge Sample texts for download

Put down quick parts

11. You are now ready to go

We are happy to support you with tutorials, films and other documents during the induction process.

BUSINESS Quickstart

Further steps