List of e-letter printouts


PrintoutseBrief / attachment
Invitation to tender with address E-letter
Advertisement without address Appendix
Invitation to tender DIN 276 E-letter
Cost estimate E-letter
Cost calculation E-letter
Estimate E-letter
Cost determination E-letter
Cost estimate DIN 276
Cost calculation according to DIN 276
Cost estimate DIN 276
Determination of costs according to DIN 276
Price request standard with address E-letter
Price request standard without address Appendix
Price request extended E-letter
Packages E-letter
Supplementary offer E-letter
confirmation of the order E-letter
Order LV E-letter
Construction site LV with address E-letter
Construction site LV without address Attachment (ends up in the e-letter, although no address is available)
delivery note E-letter
Picture list E-letter (ends up in the attachment, although the address is included)
Plant picture list E-letter
Plants supply E-letter
Plant delivery list E-letter
on account E-letter
Partial invoice E-letter
Partial final invoice E-letter
Financial statements E-letter
Credit E-letter
Booking sheet (parameter 70.20.250) Does not end up as an attachment in the e-letter, which is correct in my opinion, as the expression is only used for internal purposes. The booking sheet does not save the construction file either.
Short calculation Appendix
Original calculation Appendix
Preliminary calculation, surcharge calculation 1 Appendix
Preliminary calculation, surcharge calculation 2 Appendix
EFB 221 Appendix
EFB 223 Appendix
80% list Appendix
Mass list Appendix
Target-performance comparison Appendix
Quantity proof summary E-letter
Schedule list Appendix
work schedule Appendix
Requirements list Appendix
Plant needs Appendix
Material requirements Appendix
Device requirements Appendix
Personnel requirements Appendix
Material excerpt Appendix
Determination of needs Appendix
Invoice verification, order confirmation with address E-letter
Invoice verification Order confirmation without address Appendix
Invoice verification, partial invoice E-letter
Invoice verification credit E-letter
Invoice verification E-letter
Audit final invoice E-letter
Invoice verification partial final invoice E-letter
Mareon Proof of Performance E-letter