With the function E-letter you can send your business correspondence digitally and have it delivered analogue. The document that you want to send is via the interface E-letter digitally transmitted to a service provider and printed out and sent by them. The service provider takes care of printing, folding, inserting, franking and shipping. The selected service provider is a partner of Deutsche Post. The letters are thus sent and delivered by Deutsche Post.

In a separate program area you will find your prepared mail and the orders that have already been sent.

In einer List we have compiled frequently asked questions about the e-letter function.

Set access data

In order to use the e-letter interface, you have to log on to the website www.onlinebrief24.de Sign in.

Please use the voucher code "Dataflor"When you register. This is how onlinebrief24.de identifies you as DATAflor-Customers.

Please store the received access data under
Program dataProgram parameters140 E-letter settings

Our service team will be happy to help you set up. As usual, take on the practical Support tool Contact your service representative.

Here you enter the user name that you used when you registered at onlinebrief24.de.

Enter the password that you entered when you registered at onlinebrief24.de.

Storage path
Your installation path is preset as the storage path. Under \\.Server\Dataflor\BusinessData the eBrief folder is automatically created the first time an e-letter is printed and the PDF is correctly stored there. If you would like to save the e-letters in a different location, enter a different path here.

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for sending e-letters:

User rightfeature
Manage e-letter program parametersedit the login information and preferences
Print e-lettersGenerate basic functionality from the business printouts E-Letters
Show created e-letters (own)Insight into the specially created e-letters
Show created e-letters (all)Access to everyone's e-letters BUSINESS-User
Send e-letters (own)send your own e-letters
Send e-letters (all)E-letters everyone BUSINESS-Send user
Show sent e-letters (own)View your own e-letters that have already been sent in the outbox
Show sent e-letters (all)View e-letters sent by all users
Delete e-lettersdelete prepared or sent letters
Rights Administrator Main user User
Right group: e-letter
Manage e-letter program parameters X
Print e-letters X X X
Show created e-letters (own) X X X
Show created e-letters (all) X X
Send e-letters (own) X X X
Send e-letters (all) X X
Show sent e-letters (own) X X X
Show sent e-letters (all) X X
Delete e-letters X


The e-letter function enables business printouts and other important prints BUSINESS out. Printouts that contain an address field are created as a print job, while printouts that contain no Address field included as Appendix can be created and assigned to one or more print jobs (see chapter Appendix).

If you use your own form variants, you must ensure that the address field corresponds to the DIN standards. You can find the exact requirements here.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our support team via Support tool.

There are basically three options for sending a document as an e-letter: a) from the print dialog, b) from the construction file or c) you import external PDF files as an e-letter.

For example, if you are printing invoices, you will see on the right-hand side under the print settings next to To press and as email now also send the option E-letter offered.

Select this option and proceed as usual. You can choose whether to print the e-letter in color or black and white, on one side or on both sides. The pressure is in the menu above triggered and stored in the E-mailbox Posted.

You can also export PDF documents from the construction file as E-letter to ship. To do this, right-click the PDF document and select the point [E-letter] out. Now choose whether the document should be saved as a E-letter or as Appendix should be sent.

For sending as a letter, it is important that the document has a completed address field in the correct position. Information on this can be found in DIN 5008.

The third option can be found under the chapter Add e-letter.


In the upper menu area you will find the corresponding functions of the interface.

The print jobs are sorted by date and by BUSINESS User. A print job can contain several print jobs. These in turn contain the letter / document and the possible attachment.


If you print documents that do not contain address fields via the interface, these are created as attachments. They are in the e-mailbox under the node Appendix. From there you can attach this attachment to all the letters you want using drag and drop. If you drop the attachment over a print job, this attachment will be added to all letters below it.

You can also add external attachments here. To do this, click the button Add attachment .

Now you can mark and add one or more attachments.

Add e-letter

You can also add external PDF files as an e-letter. To do this, click in the top menu area Add e-letter and select one or more files.

Make sure that all selected documents have an address field in the correct position to be able to send them as an e-letter.

New print job

You have the option of moving parts of an existing print job related to the user or a single letter to a new print job. To do this, select the letter or the user node that you want to move and click the button New print job. .

The new print job no longer has a date, but can be re-labeled. To do this, simply double-click on the folder symbol and enter the desired label.

Sent print jobs

The area sent print jobs shows all letters that have already been sent individually.

The tabular overview with its columns can be clearly organized for sorting. A detailed description of all table functions can be found on the Wiki page table.

In the right margin area you will find a summary of the contents of the currently selected print job. You can look at the letter or the attachment again here.

Currently that is simultaneous work Multiple users in the e-mail outbox are not possible with network installations.

Supported prints

See the printouts here that you made BUSINESS out as E-letter can send.
List of e-letter printouts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the frequently asked questions summarized again.