Image search


A picture in the program area Picture can be found by searching for categories, by assignment or by image names.

Search by categories

The classification of the categories corresponds from left to right in an order from coarse to fine. The Category 1 is the rough sorting that Category 3 the finest. Will be a Category 1 are clicked as Category 2 and 3 only entries that match this selection are shown.

Highlight a category or with Ctrl and Shift multiple categories or sub-categories, all images are displayed to which these categories are assigned.

Example: It will only show the subcategory images Equipment the category !New displayed.

Search for assignment

In addition to being sorted into categories, you can assign images to a client, project, object or LV. In Photo you have the option of displaying all images of a client, project, LV, etc. in order, for example, to show the construction progress.

Click the tab Picture on the option All, (regardless of the highlighted entry in the project tree) all images are displayed that are in the program area Picture were imported.

To display all images for a project, select the project in the project tree and then on the tab Picture on the option Projects. Proceed in the same way to display all images for a client, object or LV.

Add assignment

To assign a picture to a client, project, etc., first mark the desired client, project, object or specification in the project tree. Then display all images, mark the image or with Ctrl or Shift multiple images on the tab Picture and click in the menu Picture on or open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the entry Add assignment.

To remove the assignment of one or more images, mark the images on the tab Picture, Click on in the menu or select the entry Solve assignment in the context menu.

Search by image name

If you are looking for different images with similar names, for example, enter in the input field Search: the search term.

Entering a space before the search term performs a full-text search and also finds words that contain the search term.

  • Entering the word 'Pflaster' finds all words that begin with 'Pflaster' (eg Pflasterweg).
  • Entering '[SPACE] pavement', however, also finds all words that contain the word 'pavement' (eg natural stone pavement).

Further steps