Image information


Highlight on the tab Photo the picture and click in the menu Photo on or open the context menu with the right mouse button and select the entry Information.

The dialogue Information will be opened.

Here you deposit General Information to picture, sort the picture into Categories one and compose texts.

General Information

On the tab Information the text fields are available to you Author, Copyright, Info, Town and Remark as well as the numeric field Rating available for storing image information.

If you want to adjust information from several images, mark them with Ctrl or Shift and open the dialog Information. Only information that is common to all selected images is displayed. Only the fields in front of which the is set.


Sorting the pictures by categories will help you later with the Image search, preparing slide shows, and putting together Picture lists for customer meetings.

By clicking open a list of the existing categories. Select the category you want.

To create a new category, enter the desired name in the text field and confirm with [OK].

A new category or sub-category is created accordingly.

You can assign several images to a new category at the same time by adding the images Ctrl or Shift mark and the dialogue Information to open. Only the fields in front of which the is set.


On the tab Text you can go to the features Features , Care / maintenance of value as well as Technical information Capture texts for the image.

First select by clicking on Select or place an author by clicking on a new author. Confirm the entry of a new author with Enter. Then select the characteristic for which you want to enter a text.

Under Summary all recorded texts are displayed. The texts are on the Picture list also printed.

Further steps