Edit picture


In the program area Photo you have the option to edit your pictures. You can take the pictures crop, straighten, in Adjust color characteristics und mit Texts and Logos provided.

Start the image editing dialog

Highlight the picture on the tab Photo and click in the menu Photo on or double-click on the selected picture.

The picture is opened in the editing dialog.

Adjust display size

Via the switch Full size and Adapt and the slider at the bottom of the dialog control the size of the image.

Display image information

By clicking Info the information on this image will be displayed on the left.

Straighten the image

By clicking [Straighten] you can straighten images that have accidentally been photographed crooked.

Enable The option Show grid, the picture is placed in a grid. So you can orientate yourself on straight edges.

To move the picture, drag the picture to the desired position while holding down the left mouse button.

If you have straightened the picture but you don't like it, repeat the process or add the picture [Reset to default] return to the starting position and straighten it again.

If you are satisfied, confirm with [OK]. This will take you back to the previous dialog window. Here you have the last opportunity to undo your straightening. Close the dialog box or continue editing your picture.

Crop image

If you want to crop an image, click on [Crop].

There is now a square on the picture that you can enlarge or reduce individually using the small white squares.

By clicking [Preview] takes you to a current view of the cropped image. Clicking again [Preview] zooms the image back to the previous position.

Confirm the change with [OK] or edit the picture further.

Color adjustments

To make color adjustments to an image, click to invoke [Color adjustments] enter edit mode.

On the left are the color controls. You can change the picture's brightness, contrast and gamma as well as hue, saturation and luminosity. To do this, slide the slider in the desired direction. The change in the image is displayed in the selected square. Exaggerated here in the picture.

To reset the controller in the middle, click with the right mouse button in the field of the respective controller.

You can access the preview by selecting the option Preview activate . Deactivate the option to further process the image until it is what you want. Then confirm with [OK].

Insert text

By clicking [Text / logo] you can add text to an image.

The edit mode is opened.

click on a text field appears on the image. At the same time, a text format field opens in which you can enter the text or drag and drop it from the information field. You can also set the font, font size, block text, etc. Move the text field with the mouse and change the size using the small squares.

To give the text color, shadows or transparency, click on the lower bar [More less]. The settings are only adopted if the respective text field is active, i.e. the frame is displayed.

If you want to use other colors for the shadows or the fill, click on the respective color box. You then get to a color selection from which you can choose freely.

The logos are on an extra layer and are on the Picture list not printed. When you get the picture first Save as a file, the texts / logos can also be printed out.

Insert logo

By clicking [Text / logo] you can add a logo to an image.

The edit mode is opened. First click on and then on . The Windows file selection dialog opens. Select the logo you want and confirm with [To open].

You can also insert multiple logos. Confirm the process with [OK] and finish editing the image.

The logos are on an extra layer and are on the Picture list not printed. When you get the picture first Save as a file, the texts / logos can also be printed out.

Close the editing dialog

With Close the window you get back to the project management tab Photo.

Further steps