What's new?

version 2022

Welcome to the innovations of DATAflor BUSINESS Version 2022.
In the following we have briefly and compactly listed the program changes and additions for you. The detailed functionality is described in the individual chapters of the program help. The innovations listed here refer to the entire program. Some functions are license-dependent and are not available to all users.


  • Print management
    • Print settings - The new symbol […] gives direct access to the printer properties, eg on both sides.
    • print preview - You can switch to position processing from the print preview using the […] symbol in front of the ordinal number.
    • Text editor - Existing tab stops can be changed individually by double-clicking in the ruler or using the new function Delete tab stops all can be removed in the context menu with the right mouse button.
    • Invoice printing
      • Quantities from - For the issuance of flat-rate invoices can be in the selection Quantities from between Flat rate (gross) for entering a gross lump sum and Flat rate (net) can be selected to enter the lump sum in the net.
      • labour costs - You can define the pre-allocation of the labor costs in the form manager in the form profiles for the different invoice types separately, eg advance invoice - do not print, final invoice - print.
      • Declaration of payment amount - There is a new option in the parameter for the display of the calculation of the payment amount within budget billing chains 70.20.160 to disposal. With value 2 the payment amount corresponds to the increase in value of the invoice. With value 1 the payment amount is the outstanding total claim of the construction project.
    • Form manager
      • In the Fast-PDF export settings the properties of the output PDF file can be controlled.
      • In the form groups (Nearly) is the function in the print profiles for the pre-assignment of the print variant for the construction file no longer available.
  • Cancel bills
    • In addition to being deleted, invoices from the construction site account can be canceled.
    • A cancellation document is generated that corresponds to the original invoice.
    • All necessary postings for future transfers to external financial accounting programs are generated automatically.
    • There is a direct assignment to the document number of the invoice.
    • In this version, the function is available for customers without an accounting interface.
    • If interfaces are set up, the previous procedure of deletion with log will remain for the time being.
  • Forms
    • EFB 221 and EFB 223 - An input field is available for outputting the award number (max. 20 characters).
    • Form EFB 223 (2018) - External services that are only briefly calculated can be assigned to other partial services.
    • Form K7 (for Austrian clients) - The output is extended to include the output of the partial services from the preliminary calculation.

Digital inbox

  • Feed
    • The time is displayed on the messages in addition to the date.
    • The feed is included in the document information of the document in the construction file, so that the processing progress and individual messages can be viewed in the inbox even after the task has been completed.
  • View - The setting of the view is saved for the Windows user.
  • Stamp
    • The size (height and width) of the stamp can be individually defined in program parameter 180.10.20.
    • For Windows users, the last stamp used is automatically saved so that the same stamp can be set several times in succession.
  • Text comments
    • You can add stamps and text comments to the PDF files displayed in the view. In the program parameter 180.10.30 you can save individual presettings for the text comments. To do this, define the size and border width of the text fields as well as the formatting of the font (font, font size and color), eg "red text field" for text to identify incorrect areas of invoices.
    • For Windows users, which preset was last used is automatically saved so that several text comments with the same formatting can be added one after the other.
  • Data mapping
    • To assign the document number, you can use the CtrlButton, several entries can be taken over from the file view.
    • For the document information in the construction file you can use the field designation mit Hilfe der CtrlButton, several entries can be taken over from the file view.
  • Delivery note comparison - In the workflow invoice the construction files and NK search with preset search criteria can be opened in another window. In this way, the already saved delivery notes (documents / NK postings) can be displayed for checking incoming invoices.
  • FTP-Directory monitoring - In preparation for data transfer from software partners, the extension for monitoring directories is available on a FTP-Server available.

Address manager

  • Client data
    • In the plus menu E-bill the routing ID of the client can be stored. When a new LV is created for this client, the route ID is automatically transferred to the basic LV data so that it is used for the output of e-bills.
  • Comfort search for activities
    • The new column Created to is aviable.

LV processing

  • Surcharges / levies - In dialogue Surcharges / discounts / securities can in the new category Surcharges / discounts 2 additional surcharges / deductions are recorded, which are calculated on the subtotal (LV total plus surcharge / deduction 1). This can be used, for example, to calculate allocations.
  • Disposal cost type - The designation can be individually renamed in program parameter 70.40.80, for example to "no surcharge".
  • calculator - The recorded values ​​remain with the status change Offer → Order obtained.

Cloud manager

  • Administration restructuring - The data is now assigned to a user and no longer to the respective device.


  • App TIME - The booking location of the time data can be sent to BUSINESS (already published in the course of 2021).
  • TEAM app - It is now possible to display all resources planned on the construction site from the construction site manager, not just those of your own team.

Construction file

  • Encryption - At BUSINESS In new installations, encryption is activated by default. Manual activation remains the case with upgrades or existing systems.
  • Word templates - There are further text modules (DocProperties) available: site manager, salesperson and responsible LV.
  • Scan - The data format * .BMP is no longer available.
  • Preview - On the right-hand side of the document table (construction files-comfort search / LV / address) there is a viewer for a quick file view. The size of the viewer can be set individually with a splitter.
  • Original version - In the versioning, the original version of the document as well as the current version for editing are each identified by a symbol.

Construction site manager

  • Provision for each employee in the addresses for display in the construction site manager
  • Provision for each device in the device management for display in the construction site manager
  • Grouping of resources according to calculatory employees and calculatory devices
  • Possibility to assign colors to employees and devices
  • Coloring construction sites according to site managers or responsible persons
  • Extended sorting by construction manager or responsible in the construction site view
  • Calendar to navigate to any day in the construction site and resource view
  • Filter the construction sites by week, month, quarter, year or individually selected period in the construction site view
  • Horizontal scrolling with the mouse in the planning and additional view
  • Additional tooltips in construction site and resource view


  • invoice
    • The construction site search dialog has been revised. LV status, LV number, LV name and the client are displayed in the search result. In addition, the search result can be sorted individually according to the individual columns.
  • Clear SEPA
    • In addition to the date, the XML file also contains the time of creation for clear differentiation.
  • Construction site account
    • The reissue of an invoice created as an X-invoice is possible via the function Display receipt possible in the context menu with the right mouse button.


  • Company data - If you use the business areas to manage economically separate companies (general ledger clients), the company data (e.g. VAT ID, bank details) can be stored separately for each business area.
  • designation - The input field is expanded to 50 characters.
  • Bank - In the new program parameter 80.30.140 GB-oriented bank details for SEPA direct debit clients you control which of your bank details when entering supplier invoices with status Debit (Klarna) The following is used: the bank details that are stored in the supplier's address data for the SEPA direct debit mandate or the bank details that are stored in the company data in the business area of ​​the supplier invoice.

Wage interfaces

  • Revision of the wage interfaces
  • Valid for Addisson wages, GT building wages, DATEV LODAS, DATEV wages and salaries, GDI wages, Lexware, SAGE HR Suite, SAGE wage XL
  • New output functions in settings window use
    • You can now also send your transfer files directly as E-mail.
    • Place them Output paths per wage client in order to better distinguish the transfer files here.
    • Take advantage of the new one Protocol printing. Either as an automatic output or you can have it opened after the output.
    • Define yours Cost units / cost centers individually.
  • New Transfer window for data selection and preparation for wage interfaces
    • Before each handover, a Overview of the data to be transferred is displayed.
    • The dates can be selected on a monthly basis or according to an individual period.
    • For each data record, it is saved whether it has already been output. Thus it is possible that To restrict the selection of the data records to be transferredso that only data that has not yet been transferred is output.
    • Im Archiv it is recorded when the data output was carried out. In addition, the archive files can be called up and used again.
    • The data shown in the overview can be saved as Protocol printing to be printed.
  • New pay interface SBS Pay Plus In Stock


  • ÖNORM A 2063 - Optional gaps in bidders in ONLV files are imported.

device management

  • geoCapture
    • From the search result of the vicinity search for the beacons can be switched directly to the course with a double click.


  • Icon design - The BUSINESS-Icons have been redesigned.
  • Installation in networks
    • To start the installation file via a distribution software on a network workstation, reinstall and upgrade the BUSINESSClients have the following parameters available:
      - / silent (as usual)
      - / install_client
      - / userdata = {shared directory as UNC path}
  • Home screen
    • The DATAflor News, your own company news and statistics are always displayed side by side on separate tabs. The program parameter 40.20 for selection has been omitted.
  • Display size
    • The individual setting of the display size (bottom right) is no longer necessary. Please use the display settings of the operating system.
  • Database access via the Internet
    • For individual data queries (DB views) there is the possibility of using RESTAPI access them over the Internet.