EFB sheet 221


The EFB 221 (old: EFB price 1a) is the standardized form for calculation with predetermined surcharges, taken from the federal government's procurement manual. BUSINESS supports this calculation method. A calculation of the final total (EFB 222) and thus a consideration of the construction site overhead costs directly in a LV calculation is for a later BUSINESSVersion provided.

The following editions of the federal procurement manual are available for printing out the EFB 221:

The expenses differ in the indication of the surcharge for Risk and profit in the list of the surcharges on the individual costs of the partial services (part 2). In the 2017 edition (as of April 2018), a distinction is now made between profit, company-related risk and performance-related risk.

EFB 221 (2016) EFB 221 (2018)
Line 2.3 Risk and ProfitLine 2.3 Risk and Profit
Line 2.3.1 Profit
Line 2.3.2 company-related risk
Line 2.3.3 performance-related risk

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