Navigation aids

The Personnel Manager has a range of navigation tools that you can use to keep an eye on your employees' absences.

You can choose to view your construction sites in the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Year view display. To do this, click in the menu group Display on the period you prefer.
You can also use the buttons Continue and Back quickly to the absence times you are looking for. The time jumps depend on the selected period:

Selected period Continue Back
Week Shows the next week Displays the previous week
Month Displays the next month Displays the previous month
quarter Indicates the next quarter Displays the previous quarter
year ( YYYY ) Indicates the next year Displays the previous year

By selecting the button today switch back to the period that begins with the current date with one click.

Filter by imputed employee groups

Via the <strong>integrated datalog</strong> the measuring values can be stored on the humimeter RH5 paper moisture meter and additional data can be added. You also have the possibility to use the Autolog function. This function automatically saves measuring values in adjustable time intervals. Filter You can search specifically for word components used in the employee's name. You will then see the imputed employee group in which the employee you are looking for is located.

Group bar

Your employees are summarized in imputed employee groups and through Group bar separated from each other.

Based on the coloring of the Group bar you can see immediately how much personnel capacity is available on which days.

Bar color Features
green All employees of the imputed employee group are present.
yellow / light orange One or more employees of the imputed employee group are absent.
dark orange / red Almost all or all of the employees in the imputed group of employees are absent.

By double-clicking on the Group bar or Group folder individual groups can be quickly opened and closed. You can also use the context menu with the right mouse button to view all existing Groups Open and close or hide and show in one processing step.

Change to the address

Via the context menu of the right mouse button, you can easily switch to the employee's address in Address manager. To do this, place the mouse on the employee's name and right-click the entry in the context menu To the address.

Further steps