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GoBD export


With the GoBD export you can export your data for the digital tax audit by the Federal Ministry of Finance. The certified export interface outputs the data in a technically compliant manner with the description standard of the Ministry of Finance and can thus be imported by the auditor into his audit software.

gobd export certificate_dataflorag.pdf


Open the menu in a new part of the program (e.g. addresses) BUSINESS. In the selection menu General Ledger Data then select the entry GoBD export.

The dialogue Export GoBD data will be opened.

Make the following settings:

Period of time from to …Select the time period for which data is required for the digital tax audit.
Data selectionSelect The data that you want to output for the digital tax audit.
Output pathEnter the directory path where the file will be saved. Or select the directory path by clicking on in the Windows file selection dialog.

Confirm your details with [OK].