Payroll software


You can choose from the employee hours and wage types recorded in the final costing BUSINESS transferred directly to the following external payroll programs:

  • The wage types in BUSINESS and the payroll software must be identical.
  • A booking handover of negative hours is not possible.
  • After setting up the interface, we recommend carrying out trial bookings with subsequent transfer and checking of the booking data.

Our customer service will be happy to provide you with information about the possible uses of payroll and financial accounting interfaces. Send us a request via the support tool to make an appointment.

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The export of employee hours and wage types for transfer to external payroll software can be carried out by users who have the user right Access data export are authorized to do so.

Choose wage types

Only postings with the wage types for which the Wage type management the option Handover of wage interface is set.

Transfer wage data

To transfer the data to the external payroll software, select in the menu BUSINESS in the group Data transfer the entry Wage data.

The data to be transferred is displayed in a table overview. If necessary, make a selection of certain data, transfer data that has already been transferred again for correction or take a look at the archive of previous transfers. A description of all functions can be found on the wiki page Transfer of wage data.

Further steps