Financial accounting software


Depending on the financial accounting software used, you can transfer master data from customers and vendors and / or transaction data such as incoming and outgoing invoices including their payments to the following external financial accounting programs BUSINESS passed directly:

  • DATEV 32
  • DATEV 32 without a clearing account
  • DATEV per
  • Exact
  • ReSu Light 2000
  • ReSu Light 2011
  • Say Classic Line
  • Sage Classic Line 2009
  • Say Office Line
  • say100

Our customer service will be happy to provide you with information about the possible uses of payroll and financial accounting interfaces. Send us a request via the support tool to make an appointment.

Rights control

The User administration Use detailed user rights to control the availability of functions and the visibility of data for the logged in user. The following user rights are available for data transfer to external financial accounting software:

  • In basic settings can only authorized users with the user right Administration of financial master data make.
  • Only users with user rights can transfer the general ledger for a selected accounting period Data transfer financial accounting.
  • Transaction data that has been transferred once is not included in the next transfer by default. A function for resetting a general ledger transfer batch is available within the financial administration. This can only be carried out by users who have also made all the parameter settings for the general ledger transfer (user right Administration of financial master data) can make.

Basic settings

For a successful transfer of the general ledger data BUSINESS To an external financial accounting software, you have to make the following basic settings in BUSINESS and the accounting software:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Account lengths
  • Tax rates and account assignments
  • Standard accounts
  • Personnel and collective accounts for customers and vendors
  • Bank details
  • Document number ranges for outgoing invoices
  • Client number per business area

We also recommend:

  • an in-house organizational instruction for all employees on the use of cost centers and the allocation of revenue accounts per LV or position
  • instruction in the use of the posting date for incoming and outgoing invoices

Be sure to coordinate the settings with your accounting / tax consultancy beforehand.

Comparison of the master data

If you've been with for some time BUSINESS work, it may be necessary to compare your address master data for debtors and creditors with the financial accounting software and especially the personal account numbers in BUSINESS to change.
If you would like to edit the data from the address manager with Excel due to the large number, we have here the procedure is described for you.

Transfer parameters

In the parameter settings of the financial administration you define the transfer parameters for the data transfer to your external financial accounting software.

in The Field General ledger version select by clicking on First the financial accounting software to which you want to transfer the data.

Every change of the general ledger version requires a new setup of the financial administration. Existing settings are reset.

Transfer financial accounting data

To start the data transfer to the external financial accounting software, open in the menu BUSINESS the selection menu General Ledger Data and select the entry Handover to financial accounting.