Final payment approval

Comparison of contract amount and checked invoices

After printing the final invoice in the to Pay becomes LV in status BV within the project management next to the tab Construction site test account the tab Payment approval displayed. Here you will find the comparison of the contract amount with the verified invoices of the contractor, taking into account the partial payments received and any agreed security deposits.

Under the point Invoices the invoices sent so far are listed.

Record reductions

Click on the plus symbol in front of the entry Total counterclaims and deductionsto capture reductions.

The following window will open.

Confirm your entries in the dialog box with [OK].

Im Construction site test account these reductions are shown as follows.

Print final payment release

After you have made all the necessary settings, open the menu To press and select the entry Final payment approval.

Example expression:
first page

second page

registering payments

Im Construction site test account you have an overview of your bills. If you now want to enter payments for the invoices, mark the corresponding invoice and click on

The incoming payment is opened. Click on in the toolbar and enter in the field Payment the amount still to be paid. in The Field reduction please enter 0,00 €, because you have already recorded the reductions in the construction site test account. Confirm your entries by clicking on in the toolbar.

After the payment has been recorded, it is displayed for the invoice in the construction site test account.